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2020 Fiore Residents Exhibit

Celebrating art in agriculture

Our gallery celebrates agriculture through art, capturing the vibrancy of Maine’s farms and farmers—their intimate relationship to the earth, the crops they grow and animals they tend. Founded in 2008, the MFT Gallery is “a gallery with a mission.” It has attracted artists from all over Maine and beyond, artists who share a love for our rural heritage and are committed to the earth’s well-being. We hope that through this gallery, more people will come to understand the promise of farming, and as a result, lend fervent support to our efforts to secure Maine’s agricultural future.


Make sure to visit our current VIRTUAL GALLERY exhibit.

Katie Addada Shlon
?a performance artist interested in regenerative agriculture

James R. Southard (Rob)
a documentary photographer and videographer chronicling issues in small scale farming

Anderson Co 1
12.5” x 12.5”
Ellis, helping the harvesting of garlic at Rough Draft Farmstead.

Trigg Co 7
27.5” x 18”
When you pull the tops off the tobacco plant, they put a few drops of this yellow oil onto the open stem to prevent the flowers from growing back.

Woodford Co 9
19” x 12”
Brian Richardson is often hired to deliver hay to clients. These bundles went to a neighboring horse stall.

Woodford Co 1
40” x 40”
Brian Richardson giving a tour of his tobacco barn in Woodford Co.

Breathitt Co 5
22” x 27”
Jeff Howard in his bee suite at his hillside farm. As a retired coal miner, he returned to his farming roots when the mines dried up.

Letcher Co 3
25” x 18.5”
Seth Long showing his farm. He harvests maple on the reclaimed coal mine.

Sophie Kelmenson
a social scientist researching alternative food systems for sustainable economic development

Margot Anne Kelley
a writer interested in seed saving practices, with an exploration of some of the odd connections between seeds and viruses


To view MFT’s large collection of Joseph Fiore’s art work, please visit our Fiore Art Page.


All the art work below is available for purchase through our gallery, by contacting Karen Giles,



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